as “Charn” or widely acknowledged as a terrace in traditional Thai house, is used to connect both function and people or even provides an additional communal space. Not only the staffs benefit from this space by taking a break from working hours, but also kindly interact with each other. The tapered building shape helps adjusting angle of walls results in reducing area of heat gain from the sun on the façade, thus decreasing a total heat gain of the building. The curve on the top of the building is clearly inspired by the company logo.

AIS Contact Center Development & Training Arena, the recently completed office building situated in Nakorn Ratchasima, is a work space designed for 3,000 staffs with a vast array of recreation facilities. The main concept design intends to create a relaxing atmosphere of work place by splitting the building into two main groups. The larger one occupied by call center and training area with a transparent skylight hall in the middle of the area while the smaller one is designed for recreation areas. The main atrium in the middle of the building acts

Location: Mitraparp Rd., Nakorn Ratchasima

Building Type: Office

Design: 2014

Completion: 2018

Client: AIS

Area: 19,230 sqm

Cost: - Baht

Design Team:

Nitisak Chobdamrongtham
Somsak Shanokprasith
Apichai Apichatanon
Wara Jithpratugs
Naphasorn Kiatwinyoo

Plan Architect


'We approach architectural
design from an artistic heart and
a pragmatic soul'

We believe in an organization that is founded on friendship and mutual respect. Each member of our whole is encouraged to develop to his or her potential.

Job satisfaction is high, because our team members are motivated to produce their best work. This is the foundation stone of our company from which we create life-affirming designs that benefit us all. A design is a success when it satisfies the client, the design team and its community. We listen to all these people during the creative process because a lone architect cannot design in a vacuum.

'A design is success
when it satisfies the client, the design team
and its community. '

 Intuition, perception and sensitivity to the human and technical considerations of a project are in constant synergy. Respect and appreciation for everyone contributions is crucial. Success is shared by all. When people are given the space and freedom to create, everyone benefits from the growth that springs from it. ...

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