For architects and designers who stress over finding the perfect style, colour and texture of floor covering for office spaces, Carpets Inter, Asia’s largest contract carpet manufacturer, has just the answer: Mix It Up carpet tiles.

Thanks to their modular design, these top-grade carpet tiles are cost effective and can be mixed and matched in a multitude of imaginative patterns and styles to create a distinctive look and feel for a workspace while providing walking comfort. From soft pastels and spare patterns to bold, playful geometric patterns, these highly versatile carpet tiles help to define specific areas by highlighting
conference rooms, workspaces and reception areas with a standout design, colour or tile layout.

To raise the design bar even higher, Carpets Inter’s design team has rolled out Modern Craft, an extension of the Mix It Up concept. Clients can customize their floor using modified tile shapes and sizes, thus adding another layer of creativity in terms of floor layout. Available in wide planks, skinny planks, mini planks, triangles, and square tiles, the Modern Craft carpet tiles are entirely adaptable to the needs of a project and can be used individually or in combination with 50x50cm square tiles to achieve a truly unique and inspired design for an office installation of any size.

Mesa is a dynamic organic pattern inspired by the natural landscape that will accentuate any interior floor space. 

Mesa and Flatlands colors coordinate to facilitate wayfinding and creative floor installations.

Mesa and Flatlands can be used independently or as coordinates to landscape any floor.

Carpets International Thailand Public Company Limited manufactures and distributes axminster carpet, machine tufted carpet, graphic carpet, hand tufted carpet, molded automotive carpet and jute underfelt under the "Carpet Internation" brand name. ...

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