EcoSoft, Superior Sound Absorption

Carpets Inter’s characteristic emphasis on pleasing aesthetics is also a major plus, as evidenced in a classroom building belonging to Trinity Anglican College, Australia. The New South Wales educational facility recently installed 2,585 square meters of EcoSoft® carpet tiles in three colours, Sanskrit Dasa, Catur and Sapta.  Designed by Clarke Keller, the neutrally hued tiles, when combined, created the look and feel of a unified space while doubling the sound absorption of hard backed counterparts. “EcoSoft® carpet tiles plays a role in the overall acoustic performance of the building,” commented Ella Masters, a rep from Clarke Keller. Great design and reduced noise? That makes sound sense to us.

A new and improved take on carpet tile backing, the green-focused product is composed of materials derived from discarded drinking water bottles, plus five percent postindustrial recycled PET. Its enhanced materiality effectively sets it apart from run-of-the-mill counterparts, such as conventional PVC and bitumen hard backings as well as urethane cushion backing.

Carpets International Thailand Public Company Limited manufactures and distributes axminster carpet, machine tufted carpet, graphic carpet, hand tufted carpet, molded automotive carpet and jute underfelt under the "Carpet Internation" brand name. ...

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